My Soul work project: Art of Life House by the Sea

My vision is a world full of people who love to be themselves!

I have always been about human beings: how do we thrive? How do we work and how can we best be encouraged and supported? During my coaching training I realised my specialty were the misfits.

The misfits, the freaks, the scatter-brained artists and wondrous inventors of needless machines and scary thoughts…. Oh, the LOVE!
Every highly intelligent, creative, and sensitive multipotential with a certain quirk is my people!

These far too intelligent and far too sensitive beings drive everybody crazy, including themselves. Most of them are traumatised in some way and very much inclined to see themselves as the problem and therefor to search for the solution outside in the world. We know that this will not work.

We know that the solution to our problems lies in ourselves. How do we find it, you ask? We go deep. We go deep and use whatever help we get. But instead of going deep with a therapist to wallow in the past, we prefer to do a creative deep dive. Using all the arts as our allies as well as our tools we dance and write and paint and dream our way to our personal solution.

My goal is to educate people about using intentional creativity® to overcome life’s challenges and as a shortcut to personal growth.

I support misfits to feel more at home in their own lives and I do that by deep conversations, by intentional creativity, painting or whatever might be appropriate. I am a catalyst and a witness for their breakthroughs to more self-compassion, self-forgiveness, and self-acceptance… and I tend to fall in love with beautiful minds and hearts.

The results they get are more self-love, better relationships with themselves and with others, more self-esteem, a better work situation – a better life. What I love seeing is the deepest change: they are so much more grounded, relaxed and content. I really do believe that we are all able to lead wonderful lives!

We human beings are gregarious animals. Our specialisations are complementary.

In the past I have been trying to do everything on my own. My website, my marketing, my work. I am done with reinventing the wheel while trying to reach more people. Therefore, I have started to gather brilliant people around me: coaches, teachers, artists but as well organisers, fundraisers, specialists of all kind, to realise a big project.

We want to find a house by the sea, preferably on the northern Atlantic Shores of Europe, and convert it into the colourful art of life house. A house that is a sanctuary as well as a school and an art studio. We want to create space of belonging and beauty. A place to be totally yourself.

You say: “show don’t tell”, so let me take you there…

The Art of Life House by the Sea

You have had a long journey, but now you have arrived! The garden gate opens in front of you, inviting you to walk between the large hydrangea bushes towards the colourful house. Past the lush greenery, following the path, you approach the voices.
Now you can see them: a mixed group of women of all ages. They are standing in front of the open doors, having a lively conversation. Or rather, multiple conversations at the same time.
One of the women, she has rainbow colours in her hair, raises her eyes, sees you and waves.

She raises her voice: “Ah, wonderful, we are complete! Now, go on through to the studio, darlings!”

So, I meet you on the path and escort you into the house, following the others. You leave your luggage in the hallway and enter a bright, open room, which is now filled with happy voices. Small groups of women gather in front of the picture window and admire the wide view: “Look at the sky above the sea!  * And how quickly the clouds move!  * Such a great view! * Is that a sail back there? * Do you see those beams of light?!” They are talking all at once.

Evenly distributed in the room, there are easels with inviting canvases, next to each of them a little cart with brushes and paints.

Beside one of the easels, at the front end of the large room, there is a beautiful bouquet of flowers on a table, in addition to a few candles, a vase with old brushes, a large bowl with fruit and a cookie plate. At one of the walls there are the drinks: tea, coffee, water, and various juices. On closer examination, you do recognize a small sign with your name on one of the easels! And a big, beautiful china mug that has been waiting just for you… You go to the others with a smile.

Or maybe it goes like this:

You have come a long way, but now you are here: together with some others, you are welcomed at the door of the colourful house. You leave your luggage in the hall and follow the others through a back door to a courtyard. Under a densely overgrown pergola, several workstations are set up: intriguing stones are waiting for you to uncover the form that is hidden in them. Against the wall of the house, in the shade, drinks and refreshments are available. A figure in a dusty overall comes out of the garden: “Oh! There you are! Then we can finally start – I am so looking forward to working with you! First, come over here, to the chairs. A quick chat, a chick change, and then we get to work – what do you say?” You feel a broad grin spread across your face.

Or is it more like this:

You have gathered many impressions on your journey and cannot wait to put them down on paper. After you have brought your luggage to “your” room, you go to the classroom with the others. A few familiar faces smile at you, a few others seem uncertain. You go to the table at the front of the room, put your pencil case and your notebook down and lower your bag next to it. Pleased, you look around. Then you go to the others and say with a smile: “Oh, how nice that you are all here! Let’s have a cup on the terrace and talk about how we will spend our week. I hereby formally open the writing retreat!” With these words you lead them through the door.

Or rather like this:

You are suddenly very excited. You enjoyed the journey, and with each stopover a layer of tension seemed to fall away. Now, at the garden gate, the bright colours of the house in front of you, your heart is pounding: “Two whole weeks of creative coaching retreat! What was I thinking?” Before you can turn to escape, someone comes towards you. A woman with a large shopping basket smiles at you and calls over to the house: “She’s here!” With a friendly nod in your general direction, she runs past you to the street. You grab your bag tighter and walk towards the open front door.

A woman with colourful hair comes towards you, smiling: “Welcome! Hope you had a pleasant journey? Just put your things right there. If you want, you can have a drink first. Here is the kitchen. Oh, and over there is the toilet. Now, tell me, what would you prefer: having a drink with me first, and getting a tour of the house, or first see your room, unpack, arrive and meet me back down here in an hour?

Anyway, that is how it goes:

“Anyway, sometimes I wish I could stay here.”  you say, looking out of the big window. “It’s not just the place that feels so good. It’s not just the cosy house with all its possibilities. Practically all the people I meet here, whether participant or instructor, would be worth the trip! But above all I have the impression that I grow when I am here. My inner self expands, I break through self-imposed or acquired boundaries that I could not see before. I am an opening blossom. And another one. And another. …“

I know exactly what you want to say!

And that is why you go home again and again: to blossom, to shine and to apply what you have learned. Until your personal cycle begins again: until the restlessness drives you again…

I want you misfits to really feel that you do belong here.

I want you colourful human beans to feel the feels and to enjoy being different in this world. To see your worth and your contribution.  To celebrate yourselves and all of us. I want you to feel good in your own skin and to be kind to yourselves. I want you to see the beauty of this universe, and the beauty of your contribution to it. This world might not be good, but it is full of beauty… I want you to open your eyes so you feed your soul… so you might enjoy your journey through this life.

This might be or has been my own struggle, and I can perceive it in others with ease. In my work the change does happen, while talking about the job, the parents, the children, the difficulties… they shift their perspective to a more loving one, a more self-centred one, starting to realize what they already are, what they already can, what they already did, what they already have……. Watching themselves with loving eyes.

I want you to watch yourself with loving eyes!

This is why I try to gather people with strong gifts and kind hearts around me, to work together for you.
This is why I try to find the perfect location for the art of life House, with beautiful surroundings, energetic landscapes and understanding neighbours.
This is why I hope to hear from interested creators, makers, therapists, coaches, shamans, teachers, artists, inventors, dancers, entrepreneurs, photographers, landowners, proprietors and dreamers to build this together: a house like a big encouraging hug!

I want that house to be as colourful, intelligent, kind, warm-hearted and spirited as possible.

Share the dream? Get in touch at! I am looking forward to meeting you!

Heartfelt, wherever you may read this,
Johanna (handwritten)

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