Workshops & Classes

Hello, creative Friends!
Get ready to go deep down the tunnel, deep down the rabbit hole of your own soul. You have painted a great many paintings, searched many caves and depths and heights – but today is different, for today we are not going to dive into the darkness, we are not going to delve in the past or the terrifying.
Today we are searching for the hidden treasures, for your powerful machinery, for the armoury of your soul… To equip you with everything you have so that when you face the world, you have more than a fair chance to prevail!

You are on the quest for your strength, your power, your abilities to mould your world as you wish. Full stop. And we are catching these in a painting for you to carry home. Maybe this will be the last painting for some of you, we will see. Be open to find whatever is yours. Be open to be surprised by your own strength, your own prowess…
Be open.
Be as a non-judgemental as you can, try to watch yourself with friendly eyes and a mind prepared to be blown away.
Try to see yourself as I have always seen you:
as the most beautiful possibility for this world to bloom!

And now let’s jump into that rabbit hole, my Alices!


I am currently working on my next offerings… be patient my friend! Or drop me an email and ask for a specific workshop or other…